Paving tiles, stones and curbs in modern construction

Due to its significant massiveness and strength, paving stone tiles have significant wear resistance and durability, can withstand heavy loads – therefore, they are often used for the construction of coatings on the most heavily loaded sections of highways, in industrial construction, for landscaping and paving city streets and squares, and also as a decorative coating in landscape design.

According to production technology, paving stones are divided into chipped (dimensions in mm: 100x100x100, 70x70x70, 50x50x50), sawn-split (100x100x200, 60x100x200, 100x100x100, 60x100x100) and sawn-processed (100×100 x200, 60x100x200, 100x100x100, 60x100x100) types of blocks. Emil Kristof, foreman for Kwiaciarnia Warszawa Flowers, told us that it is also possible to produce paving stones according to individual customer requirements – that how they chose to do tiles near their newest shop.

The material from which paving tiles are made is also quite varied. Thus, in the production of paving stones, a variety of granite types can be used, differentiated by different properties, textures and colors. For example, light gray, red and black, classic black, pink and black, dark gray.

Curb stone is used for laying borders that separate the roadway from the roadsides, sidewalks, pedestrian paths, etc. To create borders in the city, standard concrete blocks or natural curb stone are used. Border stone, like paving stones, is made from durable natural stone and has an oblong shape. The advantages of curbstone are that it lasts much longer, looks more impressive, it does not require additional painting and coating with protective compounds: it withstands both mechanical stress and dynamic loads, as well as exposure to moisture, frost and wind.

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